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Our Programs
Co-Active Coaching Co-Active Coaching
Invisible vs Visible Invisible vs Visible
Magic Happens Magic Happens
Parent and Child Coaching Parent and Child Coaching
Power of Purpose Power of Purpose
Self Directed Teams Self Directed Teams
Youth Leadership Training Youth Leadership Training

What are the benefits of Co-Active Coaching?

 Opportunity to confidentially share client issues
 Review and strengthen your coaching skills
 Obtain guidance on accreditation
 Boost your confidence
 Personal development
 Experience great coaching
 Support and encouragement
 Professional development
 Build your coaching business
 Staying on the path


 Personal growth
 Work/life balance
 Walking your talk
 Navigating relationships
 Changing identity
 Self awareness
 Self trust
 Going deeper
 Facing your own stuff
 Messing up

Some coaching skills

 Different techniques
 New Interventions
 Role playing
 Completing relationships
 Modeling coaching
 Mirroring blind spots
 Coaching presence
 Coaching training plan
 All about accreditation
 Different schools of thought

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